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They could see the distance get smaller and knew their parents were coming to find them.


It was a gorgeous day and a family at Vail Mountain decided to go past the back bowls, to Blue Sky Basin. The slopes here are about as far out as a skier can go at Vail Ski Resort, and being in the midst of the mountains and surrounded by many trees, there was no internet connection. After a morning of skiing, they decided to grab a bite to eat. Two of the founder’s daughters, ages 15 and 13, finished eating fairly quickly and were anxious to get more ski time in. Being proficient skiers, Mom and Dad let them go.

Half an hour later, Mom received a phone call. Because of the girls’ location, the call was cutting out; it was obvious however that there was a serious problem. The girls, panicking, had intentions of going down a blue run, but made a wrong turn and found themselves on a double black. Mom knew they were in a dangerous situation, as they were not advanced enough to ski down the cliffs and moguls taller than themselves. The girls were able to stop between a few trees, desperate to have their parents come and bring them down the mountain safely.

Mom and Dad needed to know exactly where they were. They told the girls to send a WU@ request. Without internet, or even steady cell phone service, WU@’s hedgehog directed them up the slope. The app functions in real time, so the girls could see the distance get smaller and knew that their parents were coming to find them. They felt much safer and relaxed.

In less than ten minutes, the parents could hear the girls voices, “Mom! Dad! We see you!” Behind trees, the kids could see their parents but their parents could not yet see them. Fireworks animation was displayed on the WU@ screen, letting them know that they were now only ten yards away.

No other location app could have directed these parents to exactly where the girls were waiting on the slope. WU@ brought the family less than one foot distance from each other, and the parents were able to bring their daughters down the slope safely.


Music is blaring, lights are flashing, it was 9:00 pm and Milano was so excited for the next song to be played at the RadioItalia annual concert! A girl was supposed to meet up with her boyfriend, and as soon as he arrived he called her. Unable to hear him because of the music combined with cheering fans, trying to understand where he was waiting seemed impossible. He sent her a text, letting her know that he was by a street lamp. The problem was that there were four street lamps, and each surrounded by people!

As a new WU@ user, she sent a location request to her boyfriend to test out the app. The hedgehog directed her to the lamp behind her, and as she shuffled through the crowd the distance between them got smaller on WU@. Trusting only the app, she continued to push her way through the crowd until she reached just 10 yards. Getting past one person at a time, she made her way right to her boyfriend who was standing to the side of the street lamp!

No more wasting time at concerts trying to find your friend or loved one – Download WU@ to have an easy solution even when you’re lost in the mass of a crowd!


The hedgehog directed her to the lamp behind her, and as she shuffled through the crowd the distance between them got smaller on WU@.

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