We make the world's best and easiest to use App for finding your friends.

We solve the problem of providing a simple and accurate way of finding your friends.  Most friend-finding apps rely upon maps and will take you to an address.  What if you are at a festival?  At Sporting Event?  On a Ski Slope?  Touring overseas?  In a vineyard?  Shopping in an outdoor mall?

Just a map is not very helpful in these situations.  Our basic concept is to provide a magic compass that points you to a friend.

Never Lose Your Friend

Never lose your friends again with the world’s newest and most prestigious friend locator.


Find your friends faster than any other app, and get up to ONLY 1ft distance to them.

No More Maps

No more confusing maps, just a simple pointer telling you where to go. WU@ is the first app to have found a simpler way.

Save time searching for your best friend, the gang, your colleagues, a new acquaintance or your sweetheart at:

+ Festivals (Food/Beer/Wine/etc.)

+ Parks

+ Concerts

+ Amusement parks

+ Marathons, 5Ks, other races

+ Ski resorts

+ College campuses

+ Hiking

+ Food Truck Events

+ Boating

What gives WU@ its edge over competitors?

- Updates location every 5 seconds
- Accuracy within 10 meters
- US & Metric System
- 10 languages
- Greater control over privacy
- Accept/Decline location requests
- Blocking feature
- Share location with an unlimited number of friends
- Notification feature


Q: Why pins don't work and our app does?
A: Pins don't move with you, WU@ does. When you "drop a pin" on other apps it is a set location. If you move your pin stays where it was dropped, not where you are moving to. With WU@ you are always headed in the direction of the person you are trying to find whether they are on the move or standing still.

Q: Why focus on the last mile, not a broader range?
A: While WU@ will work for any distance it specializes in the last mile where people know they are in the same area but still needed to get to that last actual meeting point.

Q: How does the group/premium work?
A: The premium account allows a used to send out a link (via twitter, email, facebook, etc) that shares their location with multiple people at once. This is great for a whole group of people meeting out on the town, an outdoor yoga class in the middle of a park, a food truck or vendor sharing its location with followers at a festival, or whatever else you want to use it for. The user can send out a link so many people can find them and then when the day is done they can move to a new place and start over.